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How online check your permesso di soggiorno

How online check your permesso di soggiorno

So many people who come to our site look for how they can check if the residence permit they have requested or renewed is ready. We have decided to prepare a complete guide on how to do it without getting lost in the internet world. We will do it in 4 precise steps. We will base on the new structure of the State Police site.

  1. Access the State Police website :

You must access the site and click on the icon that is in front of the inscription Your residence permit ( 1 ) . The screen looks like this:

After clicking on this writing, you get directly to another page where you can also choose which language to check the status of the residence permit. All you need to do is choose the one that interests you. Otherwise you can click on the text here (in Italian), here (in English), ici (in French) or aqui (in Spanish) ( 2 ) . Here is what the page looks like

  1. Enter the number of the insured:
    When you open the second screen, we have two options: choose the language we want ( 2a ). This option is optional, so it is not mandatory. The other option is the area (see 2b ) where you need to enter the number of the insured that we find on the receipt that was left by the postal operator when sending our request. The receipt looks like this:


NB: There is no need to enter the dash (-) preceding the last digit of the number of the insured.

The site screen looks like this:

  1. Press the “Send” button:

after entering the number of the insured, we just have to send our request. Just press the “Send” button (see 3, above). This wording can change according to the language we have chosen.

  1. Finally, here is the state in which our residence permit is located:

After pressing the enter button, we are presented with the status of our residence permit. There are two options:

  • When the residence permit is ready : in this case we find a message that says that the residence permit is ready for delivery and the address of the office where you have to go to collect it. We remember two things :

1) Some police stations send this message via SMS to the mobile phone that we have included in our practice. Therefore, when we know we have the practice in progress we must avoid deleting all the messages that arrive on our mobile phone without having read them. Other police stations called the applicant or send a letter.

2) To go and collect the permit of stay at the police station, you must bring with you the identification documents that we used during our practice and the receipt of the insured. Example: passport. The applicant must go there in person because other fingerprints will be taken.

Announcement :

When the residence permit is not ready : in this case, we find a message with the words: document of stay in discussion ( 4 ). The site screen looks like this:

Hoping to be clear, we wish you luck!

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