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Polimi language requirements

Polimi language requirements

Language requirements

There are different courses with various language requirements in Politecnico di Milano. Accordingly Polimi has established a minimum level of language knowledge as a requirement for entrance to its Bachelor of Science and Master of Science courses. Therefore all applicants need to provide a document attesting their English language knowledge.

Bachelor of Science

There are two different options for Bachelor of Science (Italian: Laurea); courses held in English and those in Italian.

Bachelor applicants need English certificates with certain scores
Bachelor applicants need English certificates with certain scores.

English taught Bachelor courses

Politecnico di Milano offers Bachelor courses in English. So the students willing to take an English course should know the documents needed by the university. Here you can find which documents are accepted by Polimi for English courses.

Accepted documents for Bachelor courses in English and their minimum scores:

    • Paper based score ≥ 497
    • Computer based score ≥ 170
    • Internet based score ≥ 59
  • TOEIC ≥ 600
  • IELTS ≥ 5
    • First examination master in English language
    • Vantage

Note: The students who have passed a Bachelor Degree at least for 3 years and can prove that by a document certified by the university are exempted from providing any English language certification.

Italian taught Bachelor courses

Students applying to an Italian taught course must provide an Italian language certificate, level B1 (Common European Framework).

Master of Science & PhD Courses

Finally Master of Science (Italian: Laurea magistrale) and PhD (Italian: Dottorato) are other courses that providing a verified English certificate is obligatory. As a matter of fact, the level of English in these courses is higher than the Bachelor courses, so you need higher scores for your certificates.

Master Of Science and PhD
Master Of Science and PhD both have the same English language requisitions in Polimi.

English taught courses

Accepted documents for Master & PhD courses and their minimum scores:

This is a requirement both for English and for Italian taught courses.

    • Paper based score ≥ 547
    • Computer based score ≥ 210
    • Internet based score ≥ 78
  • TOEIC ≥ 720
  • IELTS ≥ 6
  • CAMBRIDGE ≥ FCE – B or ≥ CAE – C

Note 1: There are a few exceptions for Master courses where you can be exempted from presenting English certification. For instance if you are an English mother-tongue or if you obtained your qualification from a University where all courses were held in English.

Note 2: Pakistani students applying for Master of Science courses held in English should provide an IELTS certificate with minimum score limit of 6.0. For further information, visit

Italian taught courses

Students applying to an Italian taught course must also provide an Italian language certificate, level B1 (Common European Framework).

Presenting the required documents

According to the Politecnico di Milano official site, the above documents are mandatory to obtain your admission letter, Visa obtainment and also the enrollment. Despite this, there is a deadline for providing the necessary language documents, so until then Polimi will not affect the result of your evaluation for the admission.

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