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When do you need the permesso di soggiorno and how to request it?

When do you need the permesso di soggiorno and how to request it?

When do you need the permesso di soggiorno and how to request it?

Possession of a residence permit is not mandatory to process dual citizenship in Italy. At least it is not in the first instance, unless the office where you do the procedure you demand it and it can happen.

It is possible that the procedure to obtain the recognition of the Italian citizenship lasts less than three months. In this case, you will not need to process the permesso di soggiorno. But, in case you are going to overcome that period, you will have to do it, otherwise your presence in the country will not be legal.

At what time should you request it? When they are close to 90 days of your stay in Italy and the citizenship process has not yet finished. You can do it, even, a week before that time is reached.

How long does the soggiorno permit take? The request may take several days. If the legal term expires after asking for the permit, you will not have any problem. With the receipt that states that you initiated the application you will verify that your stay is legal.

All foreign citizens who apply for Italian citizenship by right of blood, from Italy must apply for a residence permit if the procedure lasts more than 3 months. Regardless of whether or not it will remain in Italy after the process is concluded.
What requirements are needed to apply for the residence permit awaiting citizenship?
To apply for the permesso di soggiorno you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

Fill out the application form.
Copy of all pages of the passport or equivalent travel document. Entry visa if necessary.
4 passport-sized photos, recent, equal and with a clear background.
Payment of the fiscal stamp for the corresponding amount.
The necessary documents according to the type of permit that is going to be requested. These include proof that you have a place of residence and income to support you during your stay in Italy.
You must also pay a contribution between 80 and 200 euros. According to the payment methods established by the Ministry of the Interior.
If you already have a permesso di soggiorno and you have to renew it, you must make the request 60 days before the expiration date.
The request is made to the mayors and patronages that offer this service. You can also pick up the Postal Kit at the “Sportello Amico” and fill out the form it brings.

The kit consists of an envelope with two forms and instructions for filling them. The first form is mandatory, the second one should only be filled in if permission to work is requested. Before sending it, attach copies of the passport, the declaration of presence and the certificate stating that the citizenship process was initiated.

With all this ready, the envelope is sent to the Questura of the province where you are making the request. This is done through the same post offices that have “Sportello Amico”.

At the time you send the envelope to the Questura, you will be notified of the date and time of the shift in which you must go to continue the process. On the day that corresponds to you, you must take the photographs. At that time the fingerprints will be taken and the card will be issued.

Important information about the application
To apply for the residence permit it is important that you take into account the following considerations:

It is a simple form and the instructions are quite clear. However, if you do not understand something, the best thing is to ask for help to avoid errors in the application.
Be sure to state the reason why you are applying for the residence correctly. That is to say, you have to place the code that refers to Atessa reacquisto di cittadinanza. You will find the code in the same kit.
At the time of the appointment they are usually punctual. But, it is also possible that you should wait a bit.
The shifts to continue the process at the police station are granted between 15 and 20 days after taking the kit to the post office.
The kit is sent to Rome for verification. If everything is in order they will register your signature and mark the day of the shift. There they will tell you how to follow the process to remove the card.
It is possible that the day you have a shift documents have not arrived, this is due to the number of requests. In this case a new appointment will be assigned.
You must bring the citizenship application receipt to the police station.
Knowing when you need the permesso di soggiorno and when to request it is simple.

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