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How to apply for Master of Science in Polimi

How to apply for Master of Science in Polimi

Master of science (known as Laurea Magistrale in Italian), is a postgraduate degree obtained after two years of studies. In addition, there are some special courses with five years of studies. The Bachelor students willing to accomplish their study in higher levels could participate for a Master course. After that the Doctoral program is indeed an option for science enthusiasts.

Who can apply

1. Foreign Students with a University qualification obtained in Italy

If you are not Italian, but obtained your Bachelor certificate inside Italy you fall in this category. In this case you may be treated as an usual Italian student. Please check out for more information.

2. Students with a University qualification obtained outside Italy

There are some basic requirements for Master courses attendants falling in this category. Moreover, there are additional information about each country. So be sure to read all the information necessary to apply for Master courses. The two most important mandatory certificates are:

  1. A university qualification; you must get your degree by the end of:
    • July if you apply for Master of Science courses starting in September (1st Semester)
    • December if you apply for Master of Science courses starting in February (2nd Semester)

Note: by applying to Master of Science courses, your Bachelor course must contain subjects closely related to it.

  1. An English or Italian language proficiency certificate; if you want to know the specific language requirements for Master courses, see polimi language requirements.

Note: If your bachelor degree was taught in English, you have to upload a document certified by your university attesting the teaching language instead of the language certificate.

There are a few specific rules for some countries listed in the link below. Please be sure to check if your graduate certificate is from these countries.

When to apply

When to apply for master courses
When to apply for master courses

It is possible to enroll for an academic course in either two semesters of Polimi. The first semester starts every September, and the second one starts every February. The deadlines for every call in Polimi vary from the student nationality to the chosen course. Thus, if you reside in European Economic Area, the deadlines are different from the non EEA students. So, take look at following table for a general overview.

For more information select your nationality.

Who can apply Semester Application


Application period
NON EEA students 1st Semester


1st September-November
2nd January-March
2nd Semester


1st May-July
EEA students



NON EEA students resident in Italy

1st Semester


1st September-November
2nd January-May
3rd July
2nd Semester


1st May-July
2nd January


How to apply

The application procedure for Master of Science courses consists of three main steps. Before going into details, note that you can apply for two different Master courses at the same time. If you are admitted to both of them you will be asked to accept your preferred one. But Polimi will evaluate second choice of Architecture and Design applicants only if not admitted to their first choice. Therefore, please select your course of preference as your first choice.

1. Online Registration

Online registration for Polimi
Online registration for Polimi

You must register online to get your personal code and password to access the online application form. Just be sure to register only one time and not more. (Registration Guidlines PDF)

2. Online Application

In the next step you need to fill out the application form and upload the required documents.

The online application consists of 6 STEPS:

    1. Educational background
      a. Transcript and degree or provisional degree must be uploaded at this step
    2. Course selection
    3. Language Certificate
    4. ASP application (optional)
    5. Laurea Magistrale application documents upload
      a. List of required documents and how to provide them
    6. Other information

3. Sending by Post

Sending required documents by post
Sending required documents by post

You should send the below documents to the International Admission Office:

  1. the signed Application Receipt
  2. the original Academic Transcripts and the official translation into English*
    * The International Admissions Office accepts documents in Italian, English, French or Spanish. A certified translation into Italian or English of the academic transcripts, the university qualification and the course description, where the actual language is different, must be also provided together with the original version.

Finally the address of Polimi:

Politecnico di Milano
International Admissions Office
International Projects Service
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32
20133 Milano (MI) – Italy

Students from the following countries should arrange for academic transcripts to be sent directly from a university to Polimi Admissions Office:

  • Cameroon
  • Canada
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • The United States of America
    Note: Any document received by the Politecnico di Milano will not be returned to  the applicant.


Please note that Politecnico di Milano does NOT require any Application FEE neither to Master of Science courses nor to any kind of scholarship. All applications’ procedures have no fees. Only once you are admitted, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable “Administrative FEE” of about 200.00 €, a mandatory regional and administrative tax which you have to pay in advance to confirm your admittance (scholarship recipients included). It will be deducted from the 2nd installment of your tuition fees.

Checking your application status

If you want to check your application status, you can do it in Online Services section of Polimi web site. There is the possibility to defer your admission only within the same academic year. For more information see Request to defer your admission.


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