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How to apply for Bachelor courses in Polimi

How to apply for Bachelor courses in Polimi

Bachelor degree or “Laurea” in Politecnico di Milano is an undergraduate degree that students can obtain after three-year of study. The main goal of these courses is to provide an essential scientific base for the participated students. During the last year of study, students work in a real world environment like a company to gain important work experiences. After the Bachelor degree, they can either choose to continue studying in Master courses or enter the professional work industry. Continue on reading to find out how to apply for Bachelor courses in Politecnico di Milano.

Who can apply

Politecnico di Milano
Politecnico di Milano

You need to have at least an overall 12 years of education in order to be qualified to apply to a Bachelor course in Polimi. In addition, you must received your secondary school certification after at least 2 years of attendance of the same education system.

If you fall in one the following categories listed below check out the specific requirements needed:

  1. Students with less than 12 years of schooling
  2. Students who have attended multiple secondary education institutions
  3. Non-Eu citizens equivalent to Italian and EU citizens
  4. Non-Eu citizens
  5. MARCO POLO Project for Chinese students
  6. American High School Diploma
  7. British qualifications
  8. International BaccalaureateAccording to Polimi International section “the document containing regulations on admission to the AY 2019/2020 will be available at the beginning of next year”. So stay updated for more information on this site.

Entrance test

Entrance Test Scores To Pass And How To Pass
Entrance Test Scores To Pass And How To Pass

It is compulsory for all of the attendant to pass the entrance test. Here you can find all of the detailed information about how to apply for Bachelor courses in Polimi and admission tests.

Schools of Engineering Test On Line (TOL)

This test is for Schools of Engineering; courses held in Italian language.

It is contained of 65 choice questions and is separated into two different parts:

  1. TEST: to verify the knowledge of attenders in logic, mathematics, statistics, physics and verbal comprehension.
  2. TENG: which is short for Test of English and is to verify knowledge of English of participants.

TOL test takes place in various Politecnico campuses using personal computers in the IT-equipped rooms.

For a detailed information about the topics and number of questions for each section see content details.

Scores to pass TOL test

The score is calculated by assigning:

  • 1 point for each correct answer
  • 0 points for each omitted answer
  • – 0.25 for each incorrect answer

and assigning a weight of:

  • 1/3 to each English question

  • 2.6 to each Logic, Mathematics and Statistics question
  • 3 to each Verbal Comprehension question
  • 2 to each Physics question

The maximum score achievable is 100.00 and is expressed to the second decimal place.

You may be subject to allocation of OFA (Compulsory Educational Supplements) TESTS when the test score, rounded to the nearest integer, is less than 60.00. Furthermore the allocation of OFA IN ENGLISH takes place when, the number of correct answers is less than 24 in English section. According to Polimi reaching the score of 60.00, with or without OFA IN ENGLISH, excludes repetition of the TOL. At the end of the test you will be able to see the result of the TOL on the computer and the necessity of any OFA application.

The minimum language knowledge required to pass the test is B1 that is a medium level of English according to CEF (Common European Framework). You must take the English test of TOL even if you already have a verified English certificate by Polimi. For more information about Polimi Language Requirements visit here.

How to prepare for TOL test

Finally the most important part of the TOL test is preparing for it. If you want free courses you can sign up in for free mathematics and physics courses. So you can prepare yourself for the admission exam.

In the Polimi official website you can download free educational E-books. There you can also find a simulation test for TOL, called DOL, which is a great way to practice before taking the actual exam.

Test of Architecture

Architecture Entrance Test
Architecture Entrance Test

The Decree of the Ministry of Education, University and Research establishes and manages the entrance test of Architectural Design, and the 5 year single-cycle course in Building Engineering/Architecture. This test is held at national level that consists of 60 multiple choice questions. The available time for answering the questions is 100 minutes.

Main subjects coming in the admission test are: General culture (2 questions); Logic (20 questions); History (16 questions); Drawing and Representation (10 questions); Mathematics and Physics (12 questions). For a detailed description of these subjects see content details section here.

Scores to pass test of architecture

Calculation of the score is by assigning:

  • 1,5 point for each correct answer
  • 0 points for each omitted answer
  • – 0.4 for each incorrect answer

The score is expressed out of ninety.

Minimum score for EU and equivalent students: you may compete for assignment of one of the places available in the Bachelor of Science course in Architecture only if you have achieved a test score of 20/90.

Minimum score for Non – EU students: you may compete for assignment of one of the places available in the Bachelor of Science course in Architecture only if you have a test score equal or above zero (0). If you not answered to any questions, you will not consider in the ranking.

How to prepare for test of architecture

If you want to be prepared for the architecture admission exam, take a look at academic year 2016/2017 admission test PDF.

Test of Design

The attendants willing to study Design in Polimi should be able to pass the entrance test as well. There are 60 different questions and the students should pick the correct answer among the less probable or incorrect options. The subjects of the admission tests are based on:

  • general knowledge: 24 questions
  • geometry and representation: 12 questions
  • history, history of art and design: 12 questions
  • logic: 6 questions
  • verbal comprehension: 6 questions

Scores to pass test of architecture

Calculation of the score is by assigning:

  • 1 point for each correct answer;
  • 0 points for each omitted answer;
  • – 0.25 deduction for each incorrect answer.

How to prepare for test of design

Before starting to prepare for the test, you need to know the contents and details about the test take a look at here for the content details.

When preparing for the Design test we suggest that you use Secondary School textbooks. In general, you should bear in mind that:

  • thorough revision of the textbooks used in Secondary Schools with emphasis on science subjects, for the area of geometry, can be very useful
  • you can use textbooks used in Art Schools to revise or study to prepare for the questions on History of Art and Design, and those on Drawing and Representation
  • knowledge of contemporary historical, technological, scientific, political and social matters is very important for future designers and will be tested with the General Knowledge questions; we advise you, after looking at the questions given as examples, to revise the basic elements and knowledge that can be found in textbooks and manuals used in secondary schools

Admission Interview for Urban Planning

Two commissioners interview each candidate for about 15 minutes.

During the interview, the candidate will discuss two documents written by him/herself:

  • A motivation letter: one page of text, for a total of maximum 3000 characters, including spaces, aimed at investigating the reasons of interest in the specific field of study
  • A paper: one page of text, for a maximum of 3000 characters, including spaces, where personal readings and experiences of the candidate are used to comment the words contained in the name of the course: cities, environment, landscape

These documents will be presented by the candidate on the day of the interview and must be computer-written and printed according to the following directions:

  • Document Size A4
  • The edge of the paper, top, bottom, right, left: 3 cm
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Size: 14
  • Line spacing: single
  • Justified alignment

Each document must include the following text in the first line:

  • Motivation Letter: Surname, Name, Place of birth, Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy, Registration number to the test
  • Paper: Surname, Name, Place of birth, Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy, Registration number to the test

Scores to pass the interview

Information refers to AY 2018/2019.

The candidate can obtain a maximum score of 100 points, distributed as follows:

  • Motivation Letter: maximum 20 points
  • Paper: maximum 30 points
  • Interview: maximum 50 points

Evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Well spoken language
  • Significance of the answer
  • Clearness
  • Ability to debate and reason
  • Originality, intellectual vividness and critique

The candidate will be assigned a places among the ones available only if he/she has achieved a test score of 40/100 or more.

In case of parity of the overall score awarded by the commission, the points obtained by each candidate in the following sections will be considered in descending order:

  • interview
  • paper
  • motivation letter

In case of further parity, the younger candidate will prevail on the older.

Application procedures for non EU citizens residing abroad

Information regarding AY 2019/2020 will be available in the next months. But for now you can take a look at How to register for the test 2018 – 2019.

Application procedures for EU citizens and equivalent

Information regarding AY 2019/2020 will be available in the next months.

To apply for school of engineering you can take the TOL in only one of the sessions available from October to December 2018.

The sessions from October to December are open only to students register to final year of high school. You can find more information at the following page (only in Italian language).

October/November/December sessions

  • 13,20 October 2018
  • 10,17,24 November 2018
  • 1,15 December 2018

Documents Required

Documents required for applying
Documents required for applying

This list helps you to understand the required documents for applying in Polimi:

  1. Final diploma of secondary studies (at least 12 years)
  2. “Declaration of value” (Dichiarazione di Valore)
  3. Certificate proving the completion of 1 or 2 years of academic studies or a post-secondary title in case of countries where the educational system lasts only 11 or 10 years
  4. Certificate attesting that the University entrance examination in the country of origin has been passed
  5. A certified academic transcript only for students who have applied for an evaluation of their previous university career
  6. An English language certificate to provide within the first year of enrolment, only for the following categories of students:
    • Students enrolled in Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) programmes held in English
    • Students enrolled in Architectural Design held in Italian
Note 1: for more details about each document visit
Note 2: in order to obtain a study visa you may be asked to provide an Italian language certificate.

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