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FIFA world cup ticket prices

FIFA world cup ticket prices

The prices indicated here are for all Ticket Products and categories, which are available for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, and include all applicable taxes.

Tickets sold to residents of Russia and customers purchasing a Ticket in a FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre in Russia during the Last Minute Sales Phase will be made available for purchase in Russian Roubles (RUB). Tickets sold to any other customers will be made available for purchase in US Dollars (USD).

Please note that Category 4 is reserved exclusively for residents of Russia. Categories 1, 2 and 3 are available to all customers.

Russian residents means any individuals legally residing on a permanent or temporary basis in Russia, including Russian citizens and citizens from other countries (with such foreign citizens to include, inter alia, the individuals that legally work in Russia).

Special Access Tickets correspond to a dedicated allocation of Tickets for disabled people, people with limited mobility and obese people. Please be courteous to the other fans, and only apply for these Tickets if you truly require them. They are limited in number due to Stadia configuration. If you apply for Special Access Tickets, you are required to provide proof of eligibility documents as part of the Ticket Application process. Such proof of eligibility must be provided upon Ticket collection (if applicable) and, upon request, at the entrance to the Stadium.

Please note, that all Ticket prices apply to both adults and children, regardless of the age of a child.

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