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English Speaking Doctors and Medical Facilities in the Milan

English Speaking Doctors and Medical Facilities in the Milan

Do you need an English-speaking doctor in Italy who can provide you and your loved ones with the excellent care you are looking for? Do you want to feel at home while you are abroad?
If you are new in Milan and you do not know Italian very well and you need to meet a GP or specialist you need a doctor who can speak English. Since we provide information for Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan) students so here we put some useful information and contact of the English speaking doctor and hospital in Milann.

Names are listed alphabetically and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information on the lists regarding professional credentials and areas of expertise is provided directly by the medical professional, medical facility or ambulance service.

Public Hospitals:

1- OSPEDALE “NIGUARDA”, Piazza Ospedale Maggiore 3, tel. 0264441, emergency room: tel. 0264442496. Poison Control Center: tel. 0266101029


2- OSPEDALE MAGGIORE (“POLICLINICO”), Via F. Sforza 35,, tel. 0255031, emergency room: tel. 0255033255.

The Hospital includes: MANGIAGALLI” INSTITUTE, a specialized maternity hospital, Via Commenda 12, which also has a center for rape victims “SOCCORSO VIOLENZA SESSUALE”, tel. 0255032489, e-mail


3- PRONTO SOCCORSO ODONTOIATRICO, a clinic for dental emergencies, Via Commenda 10, tel. 0255032514, open 8AM to 8PM, Mon./Fri., 11AM/1PM, Sat./Sun.

4- OSPEDALE “FATEBENEFRATELLI”, Corso Porta Nuova 23, and OSPEDALE MACEDONIO MELLONI”, Via Macedonio Melloni 52 – for both: tel. 0263631. Emergency room: medicine/surgery, tel. 0263632442. Website:


5- OSPEDALE “SAN CARLO”, Via Pio Secondo 3, tel. 0240221. Emergency room: 0240222900, 0240222938. Website:


6- OSPEDALE “SAN GIUSEPPE”, Via San Vittore 12, tel. 0285991. Emergency room: 0285994532. Website:


7- OSPEDALE “SAN RAFFAELE”, Via Olgettina 60, tel. 0226431. Emergency room: 0226432741. Website:


8- OSPEDALE “SAN PAOLO”, Via di Rudinì 8, tel. 0281841. Emergency room: 0281844250. Website:



9- OSPEDALE “LUIGI SACCO”, Via G. B. Grassi 74, tel. 0239041, emergency room: 0239043051. Website:




1- ISTITUTI CLINICI DI PERFEZIONAMENTO (website: – a large University hospital, comprises several specialized clinics, including: OSPEDALE DEI BAMBINI “VITTORE BUZZI” (Children’s hospital), Via Castelvetro, 32, emergency room: tel. 0257995363.


2- ISTITUTO ORTOPEDICO “GALEAZZI”, Via Galeazzi 4, tel. 02662141. Orthopedic clinic. Website:



3- ISTITUTO ORTOPEDICO “GAETANO PINI”, Piazza Cardinal Ferrari , tel. 02582961. Orthopedic hospital. Website:


4- ISTITUTO NEUROLOGICO “CARLO BESTA”, Via Celoria 11, tel. 0223941. Specializes in neurological diseases. Website:


5- ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI ONCOLOGIA, Via Ripamonti 435, tel. 02574891. Oncologic institute. Website:


6- ISTITUTO NAZIONALE PER I TUMORI, Via Venezian 1, tel. 0223901. Oncologic hospital. Website:



1- CASA DI CURA “COLUMBUS”, Via Buonarroti 48, tel. 02480801,


2- CASA DI CURA “LA MADONNINA”, Via Quadronno 29, Tel: 02583951.


3- ISTITUTO CLINICO “HUMANITAS”, Via Manzoni 56, Rozzano, Tel: 0282248224.




1- Marina BIANCHI, office: Corso San Gottardo 35, tel. 0258107855, cell 3334664435, e-mail: General practitioner, specialist in internal medicine.

2- Paolo DANNA, office: c/o Sacco Hosdpital, tel. 0239042275; Via Colonna 49, cell 3356826653, e-mail: Specialist in internal medicine (US Board certified), cardiologist.

3-William FREILICH, office: c/o American International Medical Center, Via Mercalli 11, tel. 0258319808, fax 0258316605, cell phone 3355701055, e-mail:, website: General practitioner

4- Ute SAMTLEBEN, office: c/o Milan Medical Center; Via A. Mauri, 3 tel. 0243990401, cell phone 3381651324, e-mail General practitioner

5- Riccardo SCARCELLA, office: Viale Gramsci 135, Sesto San Giovanni, cell 3383067493, email: General practitioner; specialist in internal medicine.

6- Jack M. TURNER, office: Via Bisanzio 11, tel. 024522701, cell phone 3473860397, e-mail: General practitioner, specialist in sports medicine.

7- Fabio Massimo ULIVIERI, office: c/o Casa di Cura La Madonnina, via Quadronno 29, tel./fax: 0258395260, e-mail: Specialist in internal medicine, rheumatology



Antonio COLOMBO, office: c/o Columbus Clinic, Via Buonarroti 48, tel. 024812920, e-mail:

Paolo DANNA, office: c/o Sacco Hospital, tel. 0239042275; Via Colonna 49, cell: 3356826653, e-mail: Cardiologist, specialist in internal medicine (US Board certified).


The Vianbo assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or reputation of the persons or medical facilities whose names appear on the lists. Inclusion on these lists is in no way an endorsement by the Vianbo Team.

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