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Education Fund

Education Fund

Diritto allo Studio Universitario (DSU): what is it and how does it work?

Every year in June sees the call to assign benefits for the right to study (“diritto allo studio DSU”). Below there are some general indications regarding the contents of the call.

ATTENTION: the information in this section, in any case, does not replace the contents of the calls and the current law in force.

What are the DSU benefits?


This sum of money is issued in two installments. The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the economic conditions and social conditions onsite, commuting and off-site students. For example, during the academic year 2017/2018 student scholarships range from a minimum of € 1,188, for “onsite” students coming from the highest income band, to a maximum of € 5,139 for “offsite” students from the lowest income bracket.

International mobility integration

This grant can be applied for by students who fulfill the requirements for scholarships traveling abroad within International Mobility Programmes (EU and extra-EU). The grant is issued in a single instalment for a single exchange relating to the study course followed. The integration is approximately € 550 per month (deducted from the sum of any other contributions received by the student in relation to the same exchange) and covers the period of stay abroad for a minimum of 2 months up to a maximum of 10 months.

Degree Awards

The Degree Award is a contribution of € 1,000 reserved for any students winning scholarships who graduate in a Master of Science programme within the terms indicated by the Call.

Discounted accommodation

The Politecnico gives offsite students the chance to request, as well as the scholarship, accommodation in one of the campuses in Milan or in the other sites of the University. For further information and details, please visit

The application

Who can apply and how?

Applications can be made by all students enrolled in a laurea, Laurea Magistrale, single-cycle study programme and doctoral programme for research and specializing course.
ATTENTION: students may apply even before registration or enrolment; however the application presented will only be valid upon registration or enrolment within the terms set by the academic calendar.
Students must complete the form that can be downloaded from the online services at “Subsidies and Agreements -> Financial aid benefits application submission” within the deadline set by the call.
To complete the application, students must click the link “Close the application and print receipt”.

Once closed, the application can no longer be modified. At the end of the procedure, a summary sheet will be sent to the student’s university email address or to the address given by the student when registering.

Income requirements

Italian Students

Economic requirements are identified on the basis of the Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator (ISEE) used for university financial aid and on the basis of the Equivalent Asset Situation Indicator (ISPE).

Students not resident in Italy

Students not resident in Italy, with their family residing abroad with income and assets abroad (or in Italy and abroad), they must request a substitutive indicator of the ISEE and ISPE value for “university financial aid” called “ISEEU parificato”. This indicator can be issued only by the CAAFs affiliated to Politecnico di Milano.

Attention: in the academic year 2017/2018, the ISEE limit (ISEEU), within which participation in the call can be made, is € 23.000, and the ISPE limit (ISPEU) is € 50.000.

For further information, please read Article 3 of the Call and check the ISEE page.

Merit requirements

Students enrolled in the FIRST YEAR of the laurea, single cycle Laurea Magistrale and Laurea Magistrale study programmes

  • Students enrolled in the first year of laurea and single cycle Laurea Magistrale study programme must have obtained their High School Diploma upon application
  • Students enrolling in the first year of Laurea Magistrale study programmes must have their Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) qualification

ATTENTION: students enrolling in laurea or single cycle Laurea Magistrale study programmes must first pass the admission test without Additional Educational Obligations (OFA).

For students enrolled in the first year who apply for the DSU benefits the classification will be elaborated considering the student’s economic conditions. Nonetheless, CONFIRMATION of the benefit assigned (based on the economic conditions) will depend on a given number of credits to be reached by 10th August of the following year after enrolment/registration.

Students registered in YEARS OTHER THAN FIRST one of the laurea, single cycle laurea magistrale and laurea magistrale study programmes

In order to apply, students registered in subsequent years must have obtained a certain number of credits by 10th August, notwithstanding all economic requirements. For further information on merit requirements and, in particular, on educational credits required, please see article 4 of the Call.

Application Deadline

For A.Y. 2017/2018 the online application form must be submitted within midday of:

  • July, 14th 2017, for students enrolling for years subsequent to the first for all programmes, including students enrolling for years subsequent to the first of PhD and specializing programmese;
  • August, 11th 2017, for students enrolling in the first years of all programmes, including students enrolling in the first year of Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) programmes as from the second semester and including students enrolling for the first year of PhD and specializing programmes.


The ranking results are available through the Online Services.

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