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8 Things to do and not to do in Milan

8 Things to do and not to do in Milan

There are some untold mysterious rules about all the countries all around the world that you need to know, specially when you are a student living there. If you are a student of (Politecnico di milao) Polimi then follow these tips to know your surroundings better. So let’s move on to top 4 things you should do in Milan Italy.

4 Things to DO in Milan

1. Always keep some money in cash

The title says it all, different places like bars, restaurants and bakeries don’t accept credit cards or debit cards that’s why you need to keep some money in cash in your wallet. Perhaps you’re used to carry cards instead of a lot of bulky banknotes and coins; and that’s the problem. The reason is they should pay a fixed wage for every transaction and a small percentage of the price as tax. Thus, for some bread or just a cup of coffee consider having some money in cash.

Keep some money in cash
Always keep some money in cash in Milan

2. Eat out where Milanese do

In Milan there are various tourist places. One of them is called Brera district, which is an amazing area with beautiful buildings and glorious shops. Although it’s good for a walk and taking pictures, but not to eat out. Normally tourists visit these places, so that’s clear the money you pay for a normal quality meal is so much high. So if you want a better experience of Italian food you may need to check out other places away from tourist areas.

Milan Brera District
Milan Brera District, a touristic place full of restaurants and shops

3. Use public transportation system

Milan is a metropolis full of cars. This big city is densely populated therefore having a car for reaching out different places super fast is not possible because you may end up blocked in the traffic jams, specially near the center of the city. Taking that in consideration renting a car is not a good idea. Except that Italian people drive however they like, blasting the horn every now and then! If you come from northern Europe countries, you will definitely be surprised. Eventually using the public transportation system is the best solution to find your way through out the day in Milan. If you have any question about Milan transportation system check Transport in Milan post.

4. Visit Milan’s monuments

One of most recognizable paintings in the world, The Last Supper which is called “Il cenacolo” or “L’ultima cena” in Italian, by Leonardo da Vinci is situated in Milan. This mural painting is in the refectory of the convent Santa Maria delle Grazie, and if you love Italian art you would love this site as well. For booking information see Purchase your ticket to visit Leonardo’s Last Supper.

Visiting Last Supper By Leonardo da Vinci, a must do in milan
Leonardo’s Last Supper one of the most recognizable paintings in the world.

Milan Cathedral (or Duomo di Milano) is another fantastic historical site with great Italian Gothic style. The church with all of its Gothic appearance is a Renaissance masterpiece that every foreigner who visits Milan must take in. You, as a student, should be aware of this great Renaissance era church and visit it at least once.

Just near the Duomo square (Piazza del Duomo) is an antic shopping center, which is the oldest active shopping arcade in Italy, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Not only this shopping center is a great example of Italian architecture but also it’s actually a landmark in Milan; emphasizing the importance of visiting this marvelous mall.

Which of these historical sites is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. We will be grateful sharing your ideas with us.

4 Things NOT to do in Milan

Like other major cities in the world Milan is not exactly what you expect of and you may find strange cultural behaviors. The following tips can help you to know Milan better and to prevent you to do unintentional misbehavior.

1. Never think only English suits your needs

English is an important language so everyone should know it in our modern era. But this is a little bit different for Italians. So if you plan ahead to go to Milan for studying, consider knowing at least basic concepts of Italian and a medium understanding of this language. But if you are already in Milan and even taking an English course in University, don’t wonder if you go out of the University and nobody understands you. Even students of the International Universities like Polytechnic University of Milan have issues with Police departments, post offices, banks and etc because they’re not good at English.

2. Don’t order other Italian cities’ food in Milan

Spaghetti alla Bolognese, Pesto Genovese, Carbonara, Cannoli etc. are not Milan specific dishes. Unless you know that the food would be prepared well like the origin of the food, don’t try to eat them in Milan. Spaghetti alla Bolognese is originated from Bologna. Pesto Genovese is from Genoa. Eat Carbonara in Rome and Cannoli in Sicily. But you can eat delicious “Risotto alla Milanese” prepared with saffron. A specific traditional dish from Milan, Italy.

Risotto alla Milanese
Traditional dish of Milan, risotto alla Milanese

3. Never take black taxis

Black taxis are those luxurious cars waiting outside the airports to take you, and you probably don’t know you must pay double the price of a normal taxi!

If you ever visited Venice, the marvelous city of romantic boats with couples hanging around, the chances are you’ve heard of those expensive gondolas. The native Venetians don’t use them at all. Those are for tourists but the locals use traghetto to move around the city. Just like that, so told black taxis are for tourists, and the last thing a student wants is a costly taxi. So if you are tired and have extra money to spend on luxurious taxis, go on and take a black taxi.

4. Order like Italians in bar

Ordering coffee in Italy is a little bit tricky. If you want Coffee latte don’t say “latte”. You will get just milk! Coffee latte in Italy is called “Latte Macchiato”. You can order macchiato caldo which is warm Coffee latte and macchiato freddo which is cold Coffee latte. Note the difference between English word cold and Italian caldo. Caldo doesn’t mean cold! If you want a small espresso say caffè corto o ristretto and if you want double espresso say caffè lungo. Last but not least, in Italy people don’t drink Cappuccino after noon. Italians mostly drink it for breakfast.

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