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Welcome To PoliMi 2018

  • Welcome To PoliMi 2018


Price : €0.00
Date : September 29, 2018
Location : Just Cavalli Torre Branca, Via Luigi Camoens, 20121 Milan

Like every year since 2013, we are pleased to welcome MATRICLES in the best possible way!

An evening in which it will be possible to meet new colleagues and, at least in part, the city that will host you for the next few years: Milan!

The evening will be structured in two parts:

– a first part with a large buffet with hot and cold dishes (pasta, salami, etc.) ideal to get acquainted and exchange two accoakers

– a second in which, whoever wants, it will be able to dance until late at night!



Admission with drink 10 €

Sparkling wine 60 €

Hard alcohol 150 €



Aperitif: 19.30-22.30 (10 €)

Evening: 22.30-00.30 (10 €)

00.30-00.01 (woman 10 € / man 15 €)

-> NB Who enters an aperitif has the evening included, must not repay!




-Just Cavalli Torre Branca, Via Luigi Camoens, 20121 Milan

———————- ————–


Can I only do an evening / aperitif?

“Yes” –

Can they come from my friends who are not from the poles?

“Yes, just write the name on the bulletin board and register for the event”

-Can I come if I’m not a freshman?

“Yes, all you have to do is register”

-If I have an aperitif and an evening I have to pay twice?

“No, there is only one admission and the entrance with consummation.In case during the aperitif time, the buffet food will be included”

-Do I have to dress in any particular way?

“No, the important thing is that you are dressed in a decent way”

Other questions

3738615575 (WhatsApp) We


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