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Welcome to Vianbo

Dear all who will want to know about Vianbo,

We are very grateful to have you all around!
We just come with such a great and useful idea to take care of all your needs here at, all we do is providing free services like advertising, student groups, lost and found, Polimi events, Polimi community and much more services which will be released very soon for Polimi students.
We are independent people (from the Polytechnic University of Milan) around the world (also some of us are students in Polytechnic University of Milan right now) that seek better and free services for students because we all are some sort of students and graduates in different educational levels and specialties. Our goal is to grow and reach a better place and provide better services for people around the world especially students!
If you like what we do, you can simply help us with introducing our services to people around you who need one of them for the better cause. You can find us here at or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all links are provided in the footer section.
Even it will be fine if you would like to join Vianbo team with your specialty to help the world be a better place for students! You can send your resume to

Take care and be cool!
Vianbo Team.


Why Vianbo?

We provide Vianbo through all possible platforms such as the internet, social media, mobile application and etc. that allow all people under Milan area to post their advert for free.

On the other hand, all the polimi students can reach out all their daily needs through these adverts. Guess what? It’s free too!

So why not use this free service instead of wasting time in front of boards or googling for shelter, sale stuff and even bar, restaurant, and ticket discounts?

Just try Vianbo and never regret it because it's just for free!

Nota bene: we got a premium plan for who's that wants more.